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U-Haul Moving Truck Rentals

Whether you're embarking on your first move or are a seasoned mover, Willow Wood Storage Centers in partnership with U-Haul offers you the perfect moving solutions. U-Haul, known for its extensive fleet and affordable prices, provides you with the Right Equipment at the Lowest Cost to meet all your moving needs. Our trucks are designed with your convenience and efficiency in mind.

Benefits of U-Haul Rental Trucks

- Easier Loading:

U-Haul rental trucks are designed to be 50% easier to load, thanks to their low deck and wide, stable EZ-Load Ramp.

- Smooth Ride:

Experience a smooth journey with our Gentle-Ride suspension and aerodynamic styling, ensuring your delicate household furniture stays secure and protected.

- Comfortable Cab:

Enjoy a quiet, easy-riding, pickup-styled cab with independent seating for three, providing individual comfort for both the driver and passenger.

- Convenience and Accessibility*:

With more than 20,000 locations across the US and Canada, U-Haul offers convenient pickup and return options. Our trucks run on cheaper, cleaner, and easily accessible unleaded fuel.

One-Way Truck Rentals

Planning a one-way move? U-Haul has you covered with over 20,000 rental locations spread across North America. Save time and money with our seamless one-way truck rental service.

The Right Equipment for Your Move

U-Haul collaborates with manufacturers to craft trucks specifically designed for household moving. Our trucks are built lower to the ground, featuring rounded corners, chassis skirts, and comfort cabs for easy loading and a comfortable driving experience. Efficiency on fuel is also a top priority.

It’s all About Safety

Your safety is our priority. All U-Haul trucks, 15' and larger, plus our pickup trucks, are equipped with seat belts for three passengers. Our cargo vans and 10' trucks feature comfortable bucket seats with seat belts for two. Patented mirrors and spacious cabs ensure better visibility and added comfort while driving.

Explore our wide range of U-Haul rental trucks and choose the perfect fit for your upcoming move.

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