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Everything You Need to Know About Self Storage

When renting a storage space for the first time, there is a lot to think about. Do you require a small, medium, or large-sized storage unit? Is it necessary to have a temperature control system? What about location, safety, security, and customer support? What are you allowed to store? How do you pick the right facility?

Self-storage may be a confusing topic, so we've written this blog to help you get a grip on the fundamentals.

What Exactly is Self-Storage?

Before we dive in, it’s important to understand what the term ‘self-storage’ means.

Self-storage facilities allow users to rent and keep space for their personal or business possessions while they are away from home. A storage unit is normally rented on a month-to-month basis in most cases.

With self-storage facilities, you have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to making use of that space. You have complete freedom to pack and organize your storage unit however you like, to come and go as you choose during the facility's open hours, and to store or remove anything as you please.

Why Rent a Storage Unit?

A storage unit allows you to safely store your belongings for a while. Storage units can be rented out for a variety of reasons and needs, such as:

Moving Houses

Some of the most common reasons for renting self-storage units include storing belongings while shifting to a new house, transitioning between leases, living in temporary accommodation, and traveling across the nation.

Residential Transitions

Moving in with another person might lead to a lot of duplicative belongings, but it could be necessary to preserve them in case of a future relocation to a larger property.

It's likely that you'll need storage space if you're selling your current home and buying a new one at the same time. It is also possible that you may need to temporarily relocate into furnished housing and will want a place to store your furniture until you can purchase your new house.

Whatever the reason for the relocation, be it a divorce, a downsizing for retirement, or a transition to a new home, self-storage may help lessen the strain when unexpected life changes occur and gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your belongings are safe and secure.

Redecoration and Renovations

A house renovation can be an exciting but messy time! Storage units are a great solution for keeping your belongings clean while there’s work going on at the house. Keeping your furniture secure from spills will allow you to do your decorating much more quickly and easily without the need to hop over objects.


Transferring belongings that you want to retain but don't need right now to a storage facility is the most cost-effective method of avoiding the obligation of moving to a bigger house or office while simultaneously maintaining your existing space's cleanliness and order.

Additional Space for Apartment Residents

The use of self-storage can help make apartment life more manageable. In particular, if you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment with limited storage space, getting a storage unit could help you free up some more space.

Student Storage

Rather than lugging your belongings back home with you during the holidays, it's considerably more convenient and secure to leave them in a storage unit.

Vehicle Storage

Did you know that you could even use a storage unit to keep your vehicles safe and sound? A lot of storage units provide ample space for vehicle storage and protect your ride from the elements. Vehicle storage units are ideal for storing a variety of vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, commercial vans, and more.

Enterprise Storage Solutions

Small to mid-size businesses and contractors frequently rely on commercial storage containers for extra room to keep inventory, supplies, paperwork, equipment, and company cars, among other things. These storage units are a great way to store everything safely while helping businesses save money in the long run.

Allowed and Disallowed Storage Items

At Willow Wood Storage, we aim to provide you with as much storage flexibility as possible. We know that everyone has unique storage needs, and strive to accommodate them as much as possible.

Almost everything may be stored in a storage unit at Willow Wood Storage, with the exception of certain items that are restricted. Any object that is potentially hazardous or unlawful falls into this category. Of course, there are certain goods that fall into a gray area, so be sure to check with the facility management before renting a unit to find out exactly what is permitted on the site.

For your convenience, here is a general guide on what you can safely store in our storage containers:

  • Books
  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Boxes and containers
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Tools, yard equipment, and small machines
  • Vehicles
  • Sports equipment
  • Business inventory and supplies

Some items cannot be stored in our storage units, due to health and safety reasons. This handy list can give you a general idea about prohibited items:

  • Perishable goods and food
  • Drugs and illegal substances
  • Flammable and combustible items such as gas tanks and fireworks
  • Vehicles that aren’t in proper working order

Special Storage Solutions for Vehicles

If you have a special vehicle like a camper van, trailer, RV, or boat, you might be concerned about where to store it. However, you’re in safe hands! At Willow Wood Storage, we have a wide array of storage options available for you.

No matter what kind of vehicle you have, you can count on our experienced and professional team to come up with an innovative solution that will take care of all your vehicle storage needs.

Our locations come with abundant space that allows easy parking and turning for almost all types and sizes of vehicles, making it easy for you to move them around as you need.

Additionally, we also offer 24/7 vehicle access support, so that you can pick up your ride and be on the go whenever you please.

Picking the Right Self-Storage Facility

It is critical to select the most appropriate storage unit for your needs, and there are various factors to take into account.


The optimal location for you will vary depending on your needs and the reason for your storage unit rental.

If you just want additional living space at home, a location close to home or on the way home from work would be ideal. If you're relocating to a new house and need storage to ease the transition, finding a storage facility close to your new residence may be more convenient.

Consider how and when you'll need to visit the facility, and then choose the location that will be the most convenient for you.

Security Arrangements

Security should be one of your biggest considerations when deciding on a storage facility. In entrusting your items to a self-storage facility, you are putting your faith in the facility's ability to keep your belongings secure.

As a result, while deciding where to keep your belongings, you should take security into mind as well. Secure storage facilities such as ours are well-lit and equipped with surveillance cameras and computerized gates for further protection.

Some of our sites go a step further in terms of security by including amenities such as on-site resident managers, individually-alarmed apartments, and restricted access to your area exclusively.


In addition to facility location, storage unit size, and amenities such as climate control, there are several more factors that influence the cost of a storage unit. It will be much easier to choose the location and storage unit that is most appropriate for you if you know your budget before starting your search.

We are dedicated to helping you find self-storage solutions that fit your budget and don’t break the bank. Our incredibly affordable prices and move-in discounts, which include the first month free and first-month half-off, are available at a number of our facilities around the country.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

When browsing for self-storage, it's important to examine the cleanliness of the facilities you're considering. Storage facilities that take steps to maintain their facilities' cleanliness demonstrate to you that they are concerned about you and your possessions.

Locations that aren't kept up with should serve as a red flag to visitors. We place a high value on cleanliness and take a number of steps to ensure that the quality of our facilities is never compromised.

At our locations, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable, and we want you to be confident that your valuables are in excellent hands.

Customer Service

The degree of customer care provided by a storage facility is important. Many businesses do not even have employees on-site to assist their clients when they have queries or when anything goes wrong, but we have a different approach.

Client satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do. With a focus on customer service, our team at Willow Wood Storage is committed to meeting your self-storage needs in the best manner possible. Professionalism, expertise, and a good attitude are among the many qualities that our team members bring to their jobs on a daily basis.

Who Can Rent a Self-Storage Unit?

After going through everything we’ve talked about, is it possible that self-storage may be useful in your case? Then you'll be pleased to know that anybody can rent a storage container.

Although many individuals believe that self-storage is prohibitively costly, this isn't always the case.

Because there are several choices, you are sure to discover a unit that fits your needs and fits within your budget. To rent a unit, all that is required is a picture form of identification, a current proof of address, and insurance.

Not having insurance is not a problem and isn’t always necessary. Speak with a member of our friendly team who will be happy to assist you with arranging insurance.

Why Choose Us?

There are a number of reasons why we’ve emerged as the regions preferred self-storage service provider:

  • All of our storage facilities are conveniently positioned near major cities and are easily accessible through major highways and roads. You can locate a storage facility that is close to your house or to wherever you will be storing your items.
  • Storage rooms and drive-up storage units are available at our contemporary, state-of-the-art facility for a reasonable price in a safe and secure environment. When you store your belongings with us, you'll have access to your unit seven days a week, with quick and easy access provided by covered loading bays.
  • Your goods can stay with us for as little or as much time as you want; you can also easily and quickly relocate your belongings into smaller or bigger units if your requirements change over time. Besides the fact that you will have the only key to your unit, all Willow Wood Storage locations are monitored by 24-hour recorded CCTV and are safeguarded by sophisticated alarm systems.
  • As an added convenience, we provide a variety of trolleys to assist you in transporting your belongings from our customer parking area to your storage unit. For our business clients who store with us, you will be able to drive right up to your front door and unload your belongings with no hassle at all. What could possibly be handier than that?

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In this article, we hope we've been able to clearly explain what we do and how our simple service runs. You might want to consider Willow Wood Storage if you're on the lookout for a safe and convenient storage space solution.

Your personal belongings, home objects, and furniture will require a certain amount of room, and our helpful sizing recommendations from our experienced team will give you an idea of how much space you'll require.

Choosing the appropriate unit for your needs is something we can assist you with. Our knowledgeable, courteous, and professional consultants in-store and over the phone are experts in their area and can assist you at every step of the way during your storage journey.

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